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''I received a scan, a cleaning, a Reiki treatment as well as a card reading with Hélène. I would like to highlight his attentiveness, his precious assistance and his ability to help. She is a therapist who has a gift, an “ease” in analyzing things while letting herself be guided by intuition. A mix of rational and spiritual. She helped me realize the importance of giving to myself what I give to others. To agree to slow down, to rest, to leave certain harmful environments.''


''As soon as my session with Hélène ended, I felt light and happy. Even in more difficult times, I still feel this feeling! The first step was an energetic treatment: I felt it physically, a lot of peace. The approach is perfect for me I think, not too formal, I felt very listened to and understood and confident. The second step was based on NLP: putting my negative beliefs into words and definitely something powerful. I was able to freely express my fears and anxieties to Hélène’s attentive ear and without judgment. What I like is his humanity, his understanding, his enthusiasm. I had never done NLP before but it is truly an incredible experience and Hélène guides the process really well while respecting the person's limits, we hear each other through her words, we are also reassured about the result. And we finished with a draw, in perfect alignment with what I had worked on in NLP. I now definitely have more self-confidence in my projects, more easily setting my limits, and asking for help when I need it too.''


''I did a session with Hélène, a mix of focusing, card drawing, scanning and energy cleaning. This session helped me realize a direct link between stress and physical problems. The drawing (with the life mission oracle) highlighted the journey in my professional life which really corresponds to a recent change in life and the fact of calling on the oracle drawings to help me is indeed a great help in my daily life and finally trust my intuition more, which is a work that I wish to put in place. I really liked the mastery and confidence of the therapist in drawing the cards, it was very fluid and pleasant. And this opened up some very interesting avenues of thought.
Hélène immediately inspires confidence and we feel that she makes no judgment and will always accept us as we are. She is gentle and her presence is caring. It also gives a feeling of total mastery of the methods that it suggests but never imposes. The session is built in pairs and she knows very well how to target the needs of her clients but without forcing anything and that's very pleasant. The energy scan and cleansing was a moment of relaxation and letting go. I let myself be guided and I saw the positive effects directly in my daily life.''


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