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Active in the field of Well-Being and Personal Transformation since 2017, I offer my clientsholistic coaching support usingpersonalized tools facilitating their personal evolution and healing processes.

I work on all levels : physical, psychological, cognitive, emotional, energetic and generational (lifestyle, diet, therapeutic yoga, breathing techniques & meditation, psycho-corporal techniques, emotional work, care, energy scans and cleansing, intuitive guidance).


My assignment is to provide you with support that allows you to:

  • free yourself from your blockages and limitations

  • regain control over your personal process

  • reconnect with your emotions

  • feel more grounded

  • bring you clarity of mind

  • better understand the different facets that make you up

  • make better decisions every day

  • feel more aligned and confident in your life

  • develop your intuition

  • feel more connected to yourself and your body's messages on a daily basis

  • allow you to achieve both in your professional and personal life.


My approach & my values : listening and non-judgment, welcome, kindness, integrity and respect.


My powers:

  • A safe space made available to you in which you can feel confident in completing the important stages of your personal process

  • My rapid understanding of individual situations, problems and patterns allows me to target the tools to use in order to help you in the most effective way possible.

  • My precision in my way of working and my feelings allows you to obtain the best results for you.

  • A code of ethics and impeccable transparency (confidentiality, referral system to other therapists according to your needs, etc.)


The 3 prerequisites to start support with me:

  • Be willing to take responsibility for your personal process

  • Be willing to invest in your own personal process, at all levels

  • Wanting to acquire autonomy in your personal process



Always passionate about people, I have always made personal development a priority in my life.


When I was little, I am always very quiet and I observe the people around me. It is often said that I have perspective and a capacity for sharp analysis from a very young age, that I am very lucid. Hypersensitive too, which meant that I rarely felt understood in childhood and adolescence. I realize a lot, and as I grow, the learning is constant, and the challenges that arise on my path become a reason to further refine my understanding of human beings and how they function. That of society too. I have always been self-taught and I started reading very early on about personal development and human psychology.

During my studies at HEC Montréal, I submitted a Master's thesis on the psychological specificities of entrepreneurs in sustainable development, crossing several subjects that fascinate me. This is where I have the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in the field of psychology. But I don't just focus on theory: the practical side is the therapy that I started when I was 23. The first step in a unique healing process. Indeed, following several events in my life, not only did I begin to allow myself to ask for help, but also to take care of myself and take care of myself. To understand the links between physical ailments and energetic and emotional causes, too. I also started practicing yoga in parallel, in 2010, a discipline that literally saved my life at the time: yoga brings me back to my resilience, gives me structure, allows me to better understand my body, with kindness. and in reception.

All of this quickly makes me want to give back what I have received: I understand quite intuitively that my journey must serve to help others around me, and in 2017, in parallel with my work as an entrepreneur in the field of sustainable real estate, I trained as a yoga instructor and began giving classes, both individually and in companies. This is where Everydayhealing took shape, or rather Everydayoga at the time!


The pandemic will indeed be the accelerator of the reflections started around my life mission, but also of the acquisition of additional tools and training: I will then add training in naturopathy and ayurveda, in NLP to my toolbox and Focusing therapy, but also in reiki, pranatherapy and energy healing, ending with holistic coach training, which links all the healing techniques acquired, and focuses on the helping relationship.


Originally from France, I made my first expatriation to Quebec in 2002 where I spent almost 20 years, and since 2019, I have traveled the planet from where I carry out my sessions, either in person or remotely.


I look forward to working with you!


  • Hatha Yoga training level 1 (200 hours) 2017-2018 cohort with Christian Beaulieu from IHCA Montreal (Holistic Body and Soul Institute), recognized by the Francophone Yoga Federation as well as the International Yoga Federation

  • Ayurveda 101 training – Espace Ayurveda, Montreal – 2018

  • Basics in Osteo Yoga & Women’s Yoga – 2019 (Montreal)

  • Yoga Focusing training 40 hours – 2019 (Montreal, with Francine Bergeron) then additional distance training (individual private sessions taught by Marine de Fréminville, psychologist certified by the Focusing Institute) in 2022-2023

  • Training in Holistic Naturopathy (Spirivie) in 2022

  • Usui Reiki Training 1 & 2 taught by Barbara Finck-Beccafico, Ganga Ji Reiki Master trained in India (Montreal) in 2022

  • Training in Pranatherapy levels 1 & 2 taught by Barbara Finck-Beccafico, trained in India (Montreal) 2022

  • Energy Therapy Training in 2022 (Spirivie)

  • Energy training “Exponential Skills” by Véronique Banchette-Dallaire (Québec) in 2023

  • Professional Coach Training & NLP in 2023 (Spirivie)

Hélène Chebroux is a member of the IPHM and accredited since 2023

(International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)

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